PICS: 84 Year Old Female Stock Car Driver Nancy Pinta | On The Track Again!


Its never too late to go fast! This proven recently by 84 year old stock car driver Nancy Pinta as she got back in the cockpit for a couple high speed turns around Auto Club Speedway!

“The first time Nancy Pinta climbed behind the wheel of a race car, it was 1955 and she was a 20-year-old Ohio girl with a secret passion for speed.

After a bad crash in a stock car derby that year, Pinta was forced to give up the sport for good. But on Saturday, she fulfilled her bucket-list wish to take to the track one last time. As the guest of San Diego race-car driver Lance Smith, she took several spins at up to 180 mph around the Auto Club Speedway track in Fontana at the 2020 SoCal Historic Sports Car Festival over the weekend.” Read more

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