PICS/VIDEO: Axman Hops In The Stands To Chug A Beer With Fans After Brainerd Loss! ❤️🍻


Check out this clip from this past weekends Brainerd No Prep Kings Event where Axman got up close and personal with the fans. As he was making his way back after his 2nd round loss, Axman suddenly hops out of the car and enters the stands to greet loyal fans. While in the crowd Axman signed multiple autographs, hugged the kids and even chugged a brew that was given to him by a spectator. Now that’s what I call class, even in the face of defeat he chose to interact with the folks that support and cheer him on…Good on you Axman!

“I might not post as much lately. That doesn’t mean I’m not watching. NoPrep Felons LIVE caught this moment Saturday. After losing and making his way down the return road a fan jumps over the fence and says something. Then the driver leaves his car and hops over the fence to grab a beer, meet the fans and hang with the kids. Didn’t do it for tv,corporate,likes or views. He just did it and I think was the best thing I got to see while watching the races. Axman + Axlady that is what the sport needs, is more moments like this. Those little kids will remember that forever and will always be fans.”

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