VIDEO: Big Tire Dodge Charger Takes On Armageddon No Prep!

SOURCE: National No Prep Racing Association

The Mopar folks will love this one! This big tire Dodge Charger decided to go get some action at Armageddon No Prep in Oklahoma. The big mopar beast did not disappoint!

“The big tire dodge charger was in armageddon a month ago which is a no prep event in Oklahoma. This time we caught up with the dodge charger at Hawthrone, Oklahoma in the street drags. The Dodge Charger is nitrous assisted and entered the big tire class in Hawthrone. The Charger took on Nitemare which is a big tire nitrous assisted Camaro. We also threw in a small tire race with Brent Self from the black sheep mafia group. Brent drives the procharged camaro that is one of the toughest small tire cars in no prep to beat. But , this is in the streets and he took on white lightning. ”

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