VIDEO: ‘Birdman’ – The Most Feared Man In No Prep Racing!

SOURCE: 1320video

Get up close and personal with James Finney and the Birdman Racing team!

“James Finney (driver) and team at Birdman Racing have won race after race in the world of no prep racing, and 1320Video wanted to sit down and talk about what it takes to win and how they feel about the competition. Birdman has won over 10 No Prep style races just in 2016 alone (13 to be exact)! We’ve seen Birdman over the years transform from a 3rd gen Camaro to the now F Body style Pontiac Trans Am chassis of course with more power than ever! Propelling the car down the track is a big block Chevy engine with twin 106mm turbochargers bolted to the manifolds in true racing fashion. ”