VIDEO: Brian Britt’s Insane Crash At “Backyard Battle” No Prep Event | 😳


Check out this crazy footage from “Backyard Battle” no prep event at George Rays’ Dragstrip. Street outlaws Memphis’s Brian Britt lines up with Lester Miller and makes a solid pass until he got loose on the top end sending him into a violent roll. The truck came to a stop, a tangled mess, in the grass. Thankfully Brian was able to walk away with only soreness from his seat harness. This is why proper safety equipment is so important, your life is literally on the line every time down the track.

“An epic drag race between Brian Britt vs Lester Miller turns bad fast during ‘Backyard Battle’ No Prep event at George Ray’s Dragstrip in Paragould Arkansas. Brian was out and OK!”

SOURCE: Fo-Dad Racing Media

“Well 1st off wanna say Brian Britt is ok just sore and got a bruise or too and as most of u know I never post wrecks but he told me to go ahead and do it so I guess I will! I had just put my gopro 360 on his sunroof before his Semi Final match up against his good friend Lester Miller in the Mistress and who would of ever thought what would happen next would but at topend after taking the win Brian went for the ride of his life when he rolled ol Betel Juce multiple times! Talk about God watching u from above he was basically uninjured just a lil sore and by another miracle the 360 barely has a scratch on it! Praise the Lord everyone walked away basically unharmed besides the ol Toyota Truck known as Betel Juice! Brian will be back and better than where for sure and wanna thank them for being so kind to me everytome I’ve seen them for sure! ”

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