VIDEO: Chevy Blazer Split In Half After PIT Maneuver During High Speed Police Chase! 😳


Watch this Chevy Blazer get split completely in half after getting PIT-ed by Arkansas State Police during a high speed pursuit.

“, June 22, 2023, at approximately 5:13 PM, The independence County Sheriff’s Office requested assistance with a vehicle pursuit. A Deputy had attempted to stop a 2000 model silver Chevrolet blazer with an Arkansas license of ABP63P for driving left of center on State Highway 122. The vehicle continued northbound on State Highway 122 and refused to stop for the Deputy. The fleeing vehicle was driving close to the speed limit for a few miles before it accelerated and began traveling at a high rate of speed. The vehicle was traveling towards the town of Cord and could continue north on Highway 25 or make a left turn on Highway 25. I was on the east side of Batesville when the call come out and was close to Highway 25. The Independence County Sheriff and I began traveling down Highway 25, we were trying to intercept the pursuit and prevent the vehicle from making it into Batesville. The traffic was heavy on Highway 25 with it being right after 5 pm and people just getting off work. After making it to Cord, the vehicle did make a left turn and began to travel southbound toward Batesville on Highway 25. The Sheriff decided to set up spike strips at the bridge just north of the North Charlotte/Charlotte Road intersection on Highway 25. I set up behind the Sheriff on Charlotte Road to intercept the pursuit if the spikes did not work. I was also trying to keep traffic off the Sheriff so he could set up the spikes and also there to prevent the vehicle from getting any closer to the higher populated area of Batesville. I was out of my unit getting traffic off the roadway when the vehicle began approaching from the north. The vehicle was all over the roadway and was driving very reckless. The vehicle drove into the southbound roadside ditch after crossing the bridge and was able to avoid the spike strips. At this time I was about to get back into my unit and guide the fleeing vehicle northbound on North Charlotte Road. I became the lead unit and immediately began to set up to perform a TVI. The vehicle was traveling at a high rate of speed and was all over the road. After the vehicle brake checked me, I was able to gain ground and get into position for the TVI. We came up to a straight stretch of roadway and I could see that I was free of other traffic. The fleeing vehicle would not let me get into position to use the rear quarter for the TVI. I was able to see the vehicle had a receiver hitch protruding from the rear. After attempts on the rear quarters, I positioned to use the receiver hitch to perform the TVI. I performed the TVI and force the vehicle into the southbound roadside ditch. After traveling off the roadway the vehicle collided with a mailbox, culvert, and vinyl fence that belonged to the residence at 535 North Charlotte Road, before overturning. After the vehicle came to a stop, the deputies and I were able to secure the vehicle and place the driver into custody. The pursuit had lasted for approximately 15 miles and I was involved for the one mile. I ran the driver through ACIC and I received an Arkansas return that came back to Russell L Hodum with a DOB of 02/14/1986. Hodum has an Arkansas ID # of 916295485 and is suspended out of Independence County for a Misdemeanor warrant. Hodum was transported by Vital Link to the White River Medical Center for injuries sustained as the vehicle overturned. The Independence County Sheriff’s Office is filing the charges on Hodum. The charges include FLEEING-VEHICLE-5-54-125, CRIMINAL MISCHIEF-IST-5-38-203C, AGGRAVATED ASSAULT-5-13-204, RECKLESS DRIVING-27-50-308, FAIL TO YIELD TO EMERGENCY VEHICLE-27-51-901, DRIVING ON SUSPENDED LICENSE-27-16-303. DRIVING LEFT OF CENTER-27-51- 301, NO LIABILITY INSURANCE-27-22-103, DISREGARDING STOP SIGN-27-51-601, SPEEDING-27-51-201, CARELESS OR PROHIBITED DRIVING-27-51-104, AND NO SEAT BELT-27-37-702. The damage to the property at 535 N Charlotte Road is estimated to be over $2000 dollars.”

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