VIDEO: Cops Execute P.I.T. Maneuver On Motorcycles During High Speed Chase! 😳

SOURCE: Police Pursuits

Bro…I did not know police could do this. Watch as these bikes get pitted out during two different high speed pursuits. In the first clip a cop takes out a biker at close to 100mph on the highway causing the rider to bail as his bike continued down the road. You can skip to the 6:30 mark for the PIT. The second clip, also from Arkansas, shows a rider try to pull a quick move only to get a crash-bar rammed up his azz. This is yet another lesson in “do not run from police in Arkansas”, luckily for these riders their shady behavior didn’t get them killed.

“Alexander, AR – Local agency (Alexander PD) attempted to stop a motorcycle for no license plate. Arkansas State Police intercepted the pursuit and briefly became the primary unit. Alexander PD took over and performed a TVI (tactical vehicle intervention) which pushed the motorcycle into the concrete divider. The rider/driver fell off and was taken into custody. The motorcycle actually continued a short ways down the Interstate and collided into the back of the Alexander PD patrol car.”

“On 2/27/2023 at approximately 11:40 pm, I was southbound on State Highway 27 S near Radio Tower Road when I observed a dark colored motorcycle traveling at a high rate of speed, northbound, that I locked and confirmed with my front radar antenna (opposing direction) at 76 mph in a 55 mph zone. I turned around in attempt to initiate a traffic stop on this motorcycle. The operator of the motorcycle disregarded my emergency lights and siren by fleeing northbound on State Highway 27 S. I advised Troop K Dispatch that I was in pursuit of this motorcycle. The operator of the motorcycle drove northbound in the southbound lane in blind curves and showed to have blatant disregard for the safety of other motorists. During the pursuit we reached an approximate speed of 130 mph. Due to the size of the motorcycle, making it difficult for the operator to negotiate curves and light traffic conditions, I continued the pursuit. I advised Pike County Dispatch of my location, in attempt for deputies to assist. Pike County Sheriff’s Deputy Obie Laurent joined the pursuit as secondary near Laurel Creek and State Highway 27 S. The operator continued onto US Highway 70 E from State Highway 27 S, eastbound. Pike County Sheriff’s Deputy Brett Reid joined the pursuit as the third unit at the intersection of State Highway 84 W and US Highway 70 E. The operator continued eastbound on US Highway 70 E through Pike, Montgomery, Hot Spring Counties, and into Garland County. Trp. Justin Parker and Trp. Tyree Sampson were staged near S Harris Road and US Highway 70 W. As myself and the operator approached Parker’s and Sampson’s location, we attempted to box the operator in, but was unsuccessful due to the operator maneuvering around Parker’s and Sampson’s patrol units. The operator continued eastbound on US Highway 70 W as Parker became the primary unit, Sampson became the secondary unit, and myself the third. The operator slowed down in an apparent attempt to turn North on Sunshine Road from US Highway 70 W. Parker attempted to maneuver to the left of the suspect vehicle for the purpose of utilizing our three patrol units and the roadside ditch to box the subject in. As the subject maneuvered left, he became extremely wobbly and turned hard left in a jerky uncontrolled manner. The front right bumper area of Parker’s patrol unit made contact with the left side area of his motorcycle. The impact forced the motorcycle to overturn and the suspect to dismount. The suspect was placed in custody with no further incident. I advised Troop K Dispatch to send an ambulance to our location. LifeNet EMS arrived shortly after to render medical treatment. The suspect, later identified as Clifton H. Teel (DOB: 10/8/1968), was transported by LifeNet EMS to St. Vincent Hospital Hot Springs for further medical treatment and evaluation. After an ACIC check on the motorcycle showing a VIN# 1HFSC47052A107450 that was reported/confirmed stolen out of Quachita County Sheriff’s Office. I advised Troop K Dispatch to send the next on rotation wrecker service to recover the motorcycle from the scene. Teel was later medically cleared and discharged from St. Vincent Hospital. I then placed Teel into handcuffs, into the back of my patrol unit and then transported to Pike County Sheriff’s Office for booking.”

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