VIDEO: Crazy Real Life GTA Tag-Team Police Chase | That house Didn’t Deserve That! 😳

Now that was a wild one! Watch as Arkansas state Police assist Little Rock Police Department in a 2 vehicle pursuit. Police appear to be trying to stop the small sedan early in the video but apparently he had a real “ride or die” friend in the white Jeep. You will see the white Jeep slow down in front of police in an effort to give his buddy space to escape which caused ASP to start pursuing him simultaneously in a second chase. Eventually both pursuits end up crossing paths again where the Jeep actually hard brake-checks police causing them to ram the back of his vehicle. The chase then continued on eventually separating again after which the jeep loses control and crashes into a house full of kids. The driver surrendered with no resistance. In the other pursuit, the small sedan was eventually pitted out after which the driver tried to flee on foot and was captured by police. They are going to regret this shyt…


On October 9, 2023, around 3:00 AM, I heard Little Rock Police attempting to stop a silver Chevrolet Malibu on Lancaster. The Officer stated the vehicle was not stopping but wasn’t increasing speeds either. As I was nearing the location, I heard the LRPD Officer say a white Jeep was now in the area and brake-checking the Officers to assist the driver of the Malibu. Once the white Jeep started to interfere, the Malibu increased speeds and Little Rock PD advised they were now actively involved in a pursuit. I caught up to the pursuit as it crossed Baseline Road from Scott Hamilton onto Hilaro Springs. I did not immediately become primary. The white Jeep was being pursued by one LRPD unit, followed by the silver Malibu that was being pursued by another LRPD unit. While following these vehicles, I observed the Malibu drive around the LRPD unit that was pursuing the white Jeep. The white Jeep had braked abruptly, allowing the Malibu to have an advantage in escaping. After witnessing the Jeep intentionally attempt to cause LRPD to collide with it and aid the driver of the Malibu in escaping, I passed LRPD and assumed primary in the pursuit. When I went around LRPD, I attempted a TVI on the white Jeep but the driver made an immediate right turn onto a side street, driving away from my vehicle. I informed Trooper Crossland, who was behind me, to pursue the Jeep and I would stay with the Malibu. I pursued the Malibu into a neighborhood off of Hilaro Springs, where he maintained speeds of 60 miles per hour. The speed limit in the neighborhood was 25 miles per hour. My maximum speed while actively pursuing was 72 miles per hour. At one point, the white Jeep was behind me as I was pursuing the silver Malibu. I slowed rapidly to box the white Jeep between me and Trooper Crossland who was pursuing the Jeep but the Jeep passed me on my driver’s side. I again attempted to perform a TVI on the Jeep but was unsuccessful. The Jeep was moving faster than I could accelerate and my push bumper slid off the Jeep’s rear bumper when I made contact. As we exited the neighborhood from Bruno Road at Hilaro Springs, he attempted to make a right turn onto Hilaro Springs, at which time I used the front of my car to push the Malibu across the road. The Malibu left the roadway and became disabled in a ditch after colliding with a chain link fence at 9809 Hilaro Springs. The driver, Subject 1, fled on foot but was apprehended by Trooper Neal and LRPD Officers after he jumped a nearby fence. When I exited my vehicle tp pursue Subject 1 on foot, I lost my footing in the loose dirt caused by Vehicle 1. I fell and my left knee landed on broken concrete chunks, causing a small cut and skin abrasion. I had some swelling. MEMS treated and bandaged the injury. My uniform pants were ripped by the concrete. As a result of Trooper Crossland pursuing a second vehicle in this incident, he completed a separate incident report.”

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