VIDEO: Dodge Charger Goes Airborne, Hits A Bus…Lands Inside A Building! 😳

As much of an idiot as this Dodge Charger driver is, somebody is definitely watching over him. Watch as this Charger driver speeds through an intersection causing the car to leave the ground, strike a bus and land inside a small business. There were multiple injuries suffered but luckily no one died as a result of the accident. Drive smart folks! Make sure to head over to their 👇 YouTube Page and subscribe to stay up to date on their latest videos. Be sure to share your thoughts and comments below.


“A Long Beach Transit bus collided with a Dodge Charger that was airborne after blowing through a Stop sign, sending both vehicles into a closed restaurant. At least 12 people suffered injuries ranging from mild to critical. The crash left the Charger stuck inside of the restaurant. The incident is ongoing. Cell phone video shows firefighters treating people at the scene of the crash. The car caught fire as city tow was taking the car away. ”

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