VIDEO: First Time Driver Rips 1700hp Lambo Like A Boss!

SOURCE: 1320video

First Time Driver Rips 1700hp Lambo Like A Boss!

“Twin Turbo Lamborghini’s are no strangers to airstrip events, and we love that fact! Running average 93 Octane or E-85 pump gas, these exotic street machines can’t get any more appealing. The power in these cars, unlocked by Dallas Performance, was heavily showcased at the first ever Pump Gas Invitational, presented by Texas Speed Syndicate and Drag 965. Competing fiercely in both the 93 Octane and E-85 pump gas classes of PGI, Dallas Performance made some INSANELY impressive passes down the runway of Caddo Mills Airport outside of Dallas, Tx. Capable of over 1900HP on Racing Fuel, the Yellow Gallardo was engineless not even 24 hours before this event, but luckily the dedication of the Dallas Performance staff was able to make sure this amazing machine made it’s debut here at Pump Gas Invitationals!”