VIDEO: “Gherkin” Twin Turbo Nova | Save Of The Century! 😳😎

SOURCE: National No Prep Racing Association

They need to go ahead and give this guy a lifetime supply of Depends! Watch as the pilot of the Gherkin twin turbo Chevy Nova avoids total destruction with some old school wheel skills! Skip to 6:25 mark for the action!

“In this video we feature a beautiful twin turbo nova named the Gherkin. During testing this beautiful nova had some trouble getting down at the armageddon no prep event held at noble, oklahoma in thunder valley. The gherkin entered two classes which included the true street class which they had to take a 30 mile cruise before racing and the small tire class. The gherkin didnt have a lot passes under its belt but still gave it go. In one run the gherkin did an amazing save to avoid the wall. It almost spelled doomed for the nova but amazing driving and it will be back.”

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