VIDEO: Horrifying Nitrous Explosion At Okie Raceway! 😳

SOURCE: National No Prep Racing Association

Pretty sure that is not how they planned that out! This scary scene took place at the Okie Raceway in Oklahoma. Luckily the driver and two guys that were standing next to the car were not seriously injured. FF to 7:00 mark for the blast.

“In this video we are in Muskogee , Oklahoma at the Okie raceway for its first shootout. Okie raceway is an old airstrip that was shutdown for this race to happen. The surface is an asphalt road that makes it extremely hard to get down. The road was like any old asphalt road you can find but these racers laid rubber down trying to get down the old country road. The camaro in the video entered the big tire class which was not a big class but the camaro managed to get to the final. In the final race the camaro crashes then when he tries to turn it on the car backfires so hard it knocked the plexi glass right off the car. The driver survives thanks to a great fire response and safety equipment. This video is reminder to update all your safety equipment because you never know in drag racing what might happen next.”

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