VIDEO: Jet Ski Gets Huge Air & Crashes HARD! :( | Graphic Content!

SOURCE: saleens8ucf

Mane! This dude had a serious angel watching over him…another minute face down in the water and this would be a different ending. Thanks to some quick thinking a life was saved after this freak accident!

“Caution Graphic!! I wanted to share this video of a wild crash I captured on my camera while riding on 12/3/17. I was off the coast of Tampa, FL near Egmont Key, FL riding with my dad. I turned the camera on to record a passing massive cargo ship. I then got the great idea to play on the waves from the ship. Needless to say, I was in the right place at the right time to help. I did not know the guy I pulled from the water at the time. He was unconscious and in bad shape when I got to him. He was later transported by his friend (Guy who pulled up later) to the beach where paramedics transported him to the Hospital. I have been in touch with him since the accident and he is thankfully recovering well.”