VIDEO: Lizzy Musi Crazy Crash Footage From Darlington!

SOURCE: National No Prep Racing Association

Lizzy Musi had quite the day out racing at Darlington! Running in the big tire class she was having a decent day until this scary wreck at the top end of the track. Luckily Lizzy was able to walk away but the car is a totally different story. Later in the day she returned to the track and Kye Kelley popped the big question…She said yes! Great ending to a not so great day! Congrats guys!

“In this video we have Lizzy Musi who is driving her new nitrous assisted Camaro at Darlington. Lizzy Musi has been doing extremely well with this new car. She entered the big tire class where racers are competing for a points championship and forty thousand dollars. Lizzy faced off against Brandon James who is from the team California. Brandon James was racing a blown Nova. Brandon James had crashed his mustang prior to this new car during filming. That particular race was against Lizzy Musi which we fast forward to this past weekend. Lizzy had gotten loose mid track and hit the wall where the car ignited into a brief fire and lost her front wheel. Lizzy was checked out and was competely fine. She was in the finals where her boyfriend Kye Kelley was racing. After that race Kye Kelley decided to propose to Lizzy Musi and Lizzy said yes! A horrible day for Lizzy but with a happy ending. ”

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