VIDEO: Meet “Electrollite” | True Electric American Muscle!

SOURCE: That Racing Channel 

This 1972 Plymouth Satellite has an electrified surprise under the hood. Meet “Electrolyte” the Tesla Model S Ludicrous powertrain swapped American muscle car! While this setup may not be popular with the purists, I definitely wouldn’t mind taking a few rips in this beast. At 600lbs lighter than the Tesla, the ludicrous powertrain gets this old Mopar moving in a hurry!

“On this episode we feature Kevin’s 1972 Plymouth Satellite “Electrollite” that is tesla powered using Model S ludicrous powertrain. This one may be hard for some to swallow, a lot of people will argue that he ruined this beautiful classic American muscle car. We were skeptical at first, but after meeting Kevin and learning about his story we couldn’t help but love the build. Kudos to Kevin for building this incredibly clean tire killer!”

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