VIDEO: Never Bring A BMW To A No-Prep Party! 🤣

SOURCE: National No Prep Racing Association

This turbo BMW entered the true street class at a no prep competition…😳

“This bmw is the fastest bmw in that particular configuration. With a decal in the back windshield claiming its victories is a bold touch and we love the confidence in this bmw. It entered the true street class and went rounds. The bmw is not a common race car in no prep and even more rare with its engine setup. Usually we see big block chevy swaps or something more displacement with a lot power adder assistence. But, in this particular case , its not the case. With a lot of weight reduction and a bigger turbo, fuel system, and some suspension upgrades this bmw is one rare sight in no prep. Check how well the bmw did in its class filled with fast cars that included kiki the turbo fox and tony foulks in his turbo fox as well.”

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