VIDEO: Newcomer Putting Street Outlaws/NPK Points List On Notice! ๐Ÿ‘€

SOURCE: National No Prep Racing Association

Manny Buginga runs a red Ford Mustang named “Fred” in the Outlaw big tire class and has been taking down some serious contenders as of late. Watch as Manny enters the Outlaw big tire class at Bowling Green and takes out Justin Swanstrom, Kallee Mills, Scott Taylor and Murder Nova in the final. One thing for sure “Fred” running hard and consistent, do you think he has what it takes to compete with the points leaders? Post your thoughts and comments below!

“Street Outlaws no prep kings live event entered the bowling green area for their annual points race. In this video we highlight a new comer that drives a red mustang nicknamed fred. Manny Buginga is no stranger to drag racing but this is a different type of drag racing as he has to race on an unprepped surface. This is the opposite of the style of racing Buginga has been doing but this did not stop him from trying. After two short outings Buginga has been on a mean streak sporting an unbeaten streak in no prep kings. Buginga was in the outlaw big tire class and was winning left and right in the class. Which leads to the question, who can beat this guy? The top ten points leaders would be a good start to see who can beat him but in this video he was on a mission.”

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