VIDEO: Nitrous Foxbody Mustang Takes The Kiss Of Death @Armageddon6

SOURCE: National No Prep Racing Association

This nitrous assisted Foxbpdy Mustang had a little too much juice on the top end at Armageddon 6…😳

“The mustang in the video is a nitrous assisted setup on a 400+ci motor that entered the daily driver class at armageddon 6. The daily driver class had to go on a cruise before racing and had several rules attached to it. For example to race in the class you had to have a full interior which the mustang in the video had cut the roll cage in the car which could have helped in the crash. Also, the car had to run a three hundred treadwear tire which makes getting down the no prep surface difficult as it is , even more difficult. This video is a prime example of how difficult it it to run in this classes when you got big horsepower.

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