VIDEO: Police Crash Head-On Into Maserati To End High Speed Chase!

SOURCE: Police Pursuits

And another one bites the dust! When will folks learn to steer clear of Arkansas State Police…THEY DONT STOP! This Maserati driver found out the hard way after trying to flee a trooper near I-40. The driver was on fictitious tags and was in possession of an illegal substance but he may as well have just pulled over and gave up. All he did was make the charges worse for himself as the troopers made sure the luxury-sport sedan would go no further colliding head-on to end the pursuit.

“On 1/29/2023 at approximately 1:42 p.m. I, Trooper Tyler Langley with the Arkansas State Police, was on routine patrol in the area of Interstate 40 eastbound near the 135mm. I observed a white Maserati bearing AR 104ZYB traveling in the center lane. I ran the license plate through ATLAS on my computer. The license plate returned to a 2010 Kia Optima. I initiated my emergency lights to conduct a traffic stop for fictitious tags. The vehicle exited at the 135mm. As we approached Hwy 365, the vehicle ran the stop sign and continued southbound. As neared the intersection of Hwy 365 and Hwy 89S, the vehicle went into oncoming traffic through the red stop light. I then initiated my emergency siren as I pursued the vehicle. We got onto Interstate 40 going westbound. The driver (later identified as Larry Lee) Recklessly evaded me with no regard for human life. He was traveling well over 130 miles per hour, passing vehicles on both shoulders, and weaving through traffic. As we neared the 128mm Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Lipsmeyer joined in the pursuit. We continued to the 127mm exit where Lee again ran a red light and continued on Hwy 64 eastbound at speeds over 100 miles per hour veering in and out of oncoming traffic. As we continued on Hwy 64 eastbound Lee reached speeds over 150 miles per hour and continued to veer in and out of oncoming traffic. Lee then took Hwy 64B towards Vilonia. We continued on Hwy 64B at speeds over 100 miles per hour. Lee then turned around on Circle I Feed property and attempted to go back westbound on Hwy 64. When he attempted to get back onto Hwy 64, I observed what I believed to be “glass spray” associated with gunfire through a windshield. It was later discovered that it was not glass spray. Due to the extreme indifference to the value of human life that Lee had shown and what I perceived to be the glass spray, I intentionally intervened and struck the driver’s side of Lee’s vehicle with the front of my vehicle while traveling approximately 40 mph. Both of our vehicles became disabled. Lee was then removed from his vehicle and placed in handcuffs. He was bleeding from his left eye, so I asked our dispatch to send medical to have him evaluated. He was then placed in the rear of Deputy Lipsmeyer’s vehicle. While in the back of Deputy Lipsmeyer’s vehicle, I read Lee his Miranda Warnings. He stated that he did not want to answer any of my questions without an attorney present. He was then removed from Deputy Lipsmeyer’s unit and placed in the back of Trooper Earls’ vehicle until medical personnel arrived on scene. Lee’s vehicle was then searched. Approximately 194g of suspected marijuana was located in the back seat in a black backpack, along with $2,804.46 cash. I then ran the VIN and Lee through dispatch and on my computer. The vehicle showed to have no liability insurance and to have no registration. Lee showed to be a repeat probationer out of Colorado Springs for multiple violent felonies and to have an ID card only. The vehicle was towed by Jim Smith wrecker. Lee was then transported to Baptist Conway where he received medical treatment for his injuries. It should be noted that Lee stated that he runs from Police all the time and we just finally caught him.”

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