VIDEO: Sand Dune Drag Racing In The Desert! | @VICE


Now thats how you send it! Follow along with Vice as they take us on a journey to the UAE to witness the Liwa Sports Festival. Basically…lets find the tallest, steepest hill and go DRAG RACING!

“Once a year, the Gulf’s best off-road racers and up to a 100,000 of their fans flock to the UAE desert for the Liwa Sports Festival. During this nine-day explosive dune bashing celebration, competitors push themselves and their heavily modified engines to their absolute limits, trying to break drag race speed records and conquer one of the world’s largest sand dunes, the Tal Moreeb, known as “the hill of horror.”

We follow buggy drag racer Nasser who wants to break his friend’s record, and experienced 4WD dune basher Saeed, as he tries to drive up the enormous, near vertical sand wall.”