VIDEO: Stevie “Fast” Jackson’s Camaro Is Now The Quickest Radial Car On Earth!

Stevie “Fast” Jackson ripped off the pass of a lifetime this weekend at Alabama International Dragway’s “Radial vs. The World” event! Watch as he lays down a crazy 3.48 second, 213.8mph pass cementing him as the quickest radial car in the world (for now). How much faster can this thing go on a small tire folks? Make sure to head over to their 👇 YouTube Page below and subscribe to stay up to date on their latest videos. Be sure to share your thoughts and comments below.

SOURCE: TheRacingVids

“Stevie “Fast” Jackson 3.48 at 213 on Drag Radials! – Stevie “Fast” Jackson goes breaks into the 3.4x Range on Drag Radials with a 3.48 at 213mph Pass in Round #1 of Radial vs The World at Alabama International Dragway!”

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