VIDEO: Street Outlaws Ax-Man In The Hot Seat At Rockingham…Literally! 🔥😳

SOURCE: National No Prep Racing Association

Ax-Man made his return to the no prep scene at Rockingham over the weekend for the NPK series. Things quickly got a little heated as Ax-Man looked to be making a solid run against Chuck Seitsinger when his car suddenly caught fire at the top of the track. Thanks to proper safety gear he was not injured and the fire was able to be contained quickly.

“Street Outlaws racer Larry Roach is known as the Ax Man and has reached the number one spot for the America’s List before. From the streets to the track Ax Man turns his attention to the No Prep Kings series. Ax Man raced in the no prep kings series earlier this season but after a couple of races dropped out of the series. Now that the no prep kings series has reached the east coast again, the ax man returns and tries to put the field on notice. But, it didn’t go as planned as the ax man’s car caught on fire after racing Chuck Seitsinger during the first round of elimination. The ax man got out of the car quickly and the fire was put out as well. No one got injured and the ax man pushed his car back with his push car. All in all we are glad everyone was safe and had a good time seeing the ax man car out again. ”

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