VIDEO: Street Outlaws Kayla Morton Wrecks Hard In Houston! 😳

SOURCE: National No Prep Racing Association

Street Outlaws star Kayla Morton had a scary moment while testing in Houston. Apparently the “Hot Mess Express” blew a fuel line which spilled onto the track causing her to lose control on the top end. Although Kayla was able to wheel the car, she ended up smacking the left wall pretty hard causing significant damage to the front end of the car. Skip to the 8:34 mark for the wreck.

“No Prep Kings & Street Outlaw racer Kayla Morton drives the big procharged mustang in the big tire class. Kayla Morton is a OG when it comes to no prep as she has won multiple no prep events before no prep kings. Now she has come back to no prep to show everyone she has what it takes to be a no prep kings champion. And she does have what it takes but like many other no prep king racers she has had some setbacks. One of the biggest setbacks is loosing control on her car because of fuel line and caused her to crash. It will set Kayla back a bit but there is no stopping this force in no prep as she made some fast passes before the crash.”

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