VIDEO: Street Outlaws Lizzy Musi “Girl Trouble” Nitrous Camaro In Tulsa!

SOURCE: National No Prep Racing Association

Street Outlaws star Lizzy Musi brought her nitrous assisted Camaro out for some fun in Tulsa! the Girl Power Camaro made a strong showing all day aside from a late loss to Ryan Martin!

“In this video we have the driver of the bonnie camaro which sports a big block Pat Musi motor. Lizzy Musi has accomplished some great racing achievements but none other than winning a no prep kings event. Lizzy Musi is the first girl to win an event and also to win three events in a row. Lizzy Musi has a nitrous setup in the bonnie camaro. Twin turbos have been winning a lot of races but this year nitrous has had a big comeback with Lizzy Musi and her nola team mates. Nitrous setups have a bigger weight break than boosted applications which makes their cars lighter and just as fast if not faster. Lizzy Musi did well in the video where she entered the big tire class at the tulsa raceway no prep event. ”

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