VIDEO: Street Outlaws “Reaper 2” Will Be A Procharged No Prep Killer!

SOURCE: National No Prep Racing Association

National No Prep Racing Association sat down with James Goad to discuss his all new Procharged “Reaper 2” Camaro and plans for the upcoming season. This build is gonna be serious!

“We caught up with the reaper at his shop to talk about his new 2020 Camaro which will be Reaper 2. He was still working on the car since last December when we caught up with him. Then we fast forward to recently and the car has taken shape nicely. Reaper is making sure all the small details on the new car are being addressed and not over looked. And the end result is going to be one hell of a no prep car. Check out the interview we we were granted a rare look into Reaper’s shop. We also showed his small tire car and also his street car.”

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