VIDEO: Street Outlaws Ryan Martin Loses To A Small Tire Car??? πŸ‘€

SOURCE: National No Prep Racing Association

Did Street Outlaws star Ryan Martin bite off more than he could chew when negotiating terms with this small tire Foxbody Mustang?

“No Prep Kings Champion Ryan Martin has done it all in recent years. Ryan Martin has been number one in the street outlaws oklahoma top ten list. Ryan Martin has proven to dominant in the no prep world and street racing world. Ryan Martin has done it all and continues to reign in his throne this season having a comfortable lead in the points standing at no prep kings. But, this race was different at the farmtruck and azn race. Ryan Martin raced a small tire car that is slower than Ryan but they talked about how they were going to race to make things fair. Ryan agreed to give the hit and a rolling start to the small tire car who was making some fast passes at the bandimere no prep kings event. Check out the video and see a rare sighting which is Ryan Martin losing. It is not an often thing to see but it did have some good racing. ”

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