VIDEO: Street Outlaws Ryan Martin vs. Murder Nova | Best Of 3 Grudge Race!

SOURCE: National No Prep Racing Association

Street Outlaws stars Ryan Martin and Murder Nova set out to Tucson to do some old fashioned grudge racing! Lets see how that turbo setup on murder Nova matches up against one of the fastest setups on the no prep scene! The boys went best of 3 races and did not dissapoint!

“In this video we have two of the most recognizable names in the 405 game right now. Murder Nova is a twin turbo Nova that is a part of the 405 team and has had one of his best no prep kings season this past season. Ryan Martin on the other side of the lane is a two time no prep kings champion which is one of the hardest achievements in no prep today. With these two racing each other they only drive each other to go faster which is a situation that usually happens during the grudge rounds. In the grudge rounds racers can grudge each other but they have ablilty to gather data and push each other to go faster to get ready for the elimination rounds later. But, the grudge rounds are important to make sure they are able to go as fast as possible given the surface at that moment.”

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