VIDEO: Street Racing Tesla Feels The Wrath Of Arkansas State Police! 👀🫡

SOURCE: Police Pursuits

This Tesla driver got a heavy dose of Arkansas State Police after fleeing from cops for street racing. The driver led police on a wild high speed pursuit where he eventually hit a set of spike strips and got pitted out. The Tesla was a rental from the Turo app and im pretty sure the owner did not plan to get their car back in pieces. Make sure to head over to their ☝️ YouTube Page and subscribe to stay up to date on their latest videos. Be sure to share your thoughts and comments below!


“On July 12, 2023, I was notified about a pursuit coming eastbound on Interstate 40 from the 256-mile marker. A St. Francis County Deputy was pursuing two gray vehicles at a high rate of speed. I attempted to get my spike strip set-up around the 274- mile marker. Due to heavy traffic and the speeds the suspects were approaching, I had to disregard. I got back on Interstate 40 and noticed the suspect, driving a gray Tesla, approaching in the left lane. I used my rear radar antennae and clocked the suspect going 92 mph in the 65 mph zone. He slowed down to around 80 mph as I noticed the second gray vehicle, another gray Tesla, approaching in the right lane. As I attempted to slow both vehicles down, the suspect in the left lane passed me to the left and accelerated. The suspect in the other Tesla abruptly took the 275 Exit. Due to the concrete wall to my right, I was unable to exit. I stayed with the suspect who passed me to the left. TFC Hess entered Interstate 40 ahead of me as the suspect was recklessly driving from lane to lane. TFC Hess let me pass as I attempted to gain ground on the suspect. We were traveling at triple-digit speeds as we came to stopped traffic in the left and middle lanes. The right lane was clear. The suspect passed all the stopped traffic, at a very high rate of speed, in the right lane. The suspect ran over stop sticks, which were placed by West Memphis Police Department members Cecil Langston and Jairus Johnson, under the Ingram Street overpass. I dodged the stop sticks and was able to close the gap to the suspect around mile marker 280. I attempted a T.V.I. but it was unsuccessful. I attempted another T.V.I. around the 281-entrance ramp, but the suspect’s vehicle-maintained control. After waiting until we passed slower moving traffic, I was finally able to get the suspect’s vehicle to spin using a T.V.I. This occurred around mile marker 282. The suspect’s vehicle spun towards the concrete wall that separates the east and west lanes of Interstate 40. The suspect’s vehicle came to a quick stop before accelerating towards my patrol unit. The suspect then caused the front area of his vehicle to make contact with the left rear area of my patrol unit. My left rear wheel became bent, and I slid towards the metal guardrail to the right. The right front area of my patrol unit made contact with the metal guardrail before I was able to stop on the right shoulder. The suspect again accelerated to continue fleeing. TFC Hess performed a forceable legal intervention technique to the left side of the suspect’s vehicle. The suspect’s vehicle came to a stop and both suspects were placed into custody without incident. West Memphis Patrolman Cole Strayhorn located a small black bag in the passenger side floorboard area that contained a small amount of marijuana and digital scales. The front seat passenger, Taylor, was charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. The driver, Williams, was charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, reckless driving, no liability insurance, unauthorized use of a vehicle, fleeing, and aggravated assault. The driver stated his cousin rented the Tesla from the Turo app. He stated he paid his cousin 500 dollars to use the car to go to Dallas and back for his birthday. The driver stated he could not rent the car because you have to be 25 years old to do so.”

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