VIDEO: @StreetOultaws John Doe Dominates @WinterMeltdown | Houston TX

SOURCE: National No Prep Racing Association

Street Outlaws Jon Doe (Cutlass) did not come to play in the small tire class at Winter Meltdown Houston TX!

“In this video we have scott taylor who drives the procharged cutlass known as john doe. John Doe was on small tires for the small tire class at the winter meltdown in Houston, Texas. The first day the weather was cloudy and cold. Then the rain came in right after the first round of racing happened. In the first round of racing john doe raced a 55 chevy with a huge musi motor in it. It had suicide doors and a mean stance. It was a gorgeous car and a good matchup for the john doe. The racing continued the next day due to rain and we caught up with hammerhead in his procharged corvette and john doe would have a procharged battle. ”

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