VIDEO: @StreetOutlaws Jeff Lutz vs. Chuck Seitsinger | Grudge Racing!

SOURCE: National No Prep Racing Association

The 405 showed up to Texas Motorplex for some good ol grudge racing! Street Outlaws star Chuck Seitsinger brought out his new Foxbody Mustang to face off with Jeff Lutz for two heated passes! Who ya betting with?

“In this video we got a couple of 405 racers that bring a lot to their team who was racing at the texas motorplex no prep event held in ennis, texas. First up is chuck seitsinger who brought out a brand new build. The car looks similar to the older car which is known as the death trap. The new car sports more power and overall a better suspension. But, will it be enough to take it to the top? Only time will time as chuck was still having new car blues up to this point. But, you can clearly see the advances the car is making after every pass. Chuck would end up grudge racing his fellow team member jeff lutz. Jeff Lutz is one of the few who has won a no prep kings event. Would the new turbo charged mustang of chuck seitsinger be enough to win? ”

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