VIDEO: @StreetOutlaws OG Murder Nova Running Big Tire At Armageddon!

SOURCE: National No Prep Racing Association

The OG Murder Nova is back this year on a big tire. Watch as the 187 Customs crew brings the old girl out to play at Armageddon No Prep (Noble, OK).

“The og murder nova was on small tires last year at the outlaw armageddon no prep event at noble, oklahoma in thunder valley raceway. This year though, the murder nova was on big tires and it did not disappoint. The nova looked to be in peak shape as he made some impressive passes and utlimately went fairly far in the competition. How far did the og murder nova go? well watch the video and see how far he did and the great competition he faced as well. This video has some of the action the og murder nova faced and all the action so check it out and for more no prep action”

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