VIDEO: The Shortest Police Chase In History | Mopar Fail!

SOURCE: Police Pursuits

This Dodge Challenger Driver was doomed from the start lol. Taking a page out of the Ford Mustang handbook this nimrod tries to pull off on a traffic stop and gets in his own way! LMAO, Didnt even make it a 1/4 mile before putting it in the woods and attempting to flee on foot. That one is gonna sting once the adrenaline wears off…Arkanasas State Police strike again!

“On 02/20/2023 at approximately 11:29am, I was on routine patrol on Interstate 630 westbound when I observed a white Dodge Challenger bearing AR LPN # 693ZMJ. I observed the Challenger traveling continuously in the left lane. I decreased speed to allow the challenger to pass my patrol car, in order to run a ACIC/NCIC check on the displayed license plate. As the Challenger passed my patrol car, I observed the previous year’s registration sticker displayed on the license plate. An ACIC/NCIC check of the vehicle’s registration showed that the Challenger’s registration had expired in July of 2022. I initiated my emergency equipment and conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle at Interstate 630 westbound and John Barrow on the exit ramp. I then made contact with the driver, later identified as Lonnie Mitchell Jr (05/22/1996). Upon making contact with the driver, I identified myself as an Arkansas State Trooper, and advised him why he had been stopped. I asked the driver for his driver’s license and insurance. The driver advised that he did not have his driver’s license or his identification card on him. I then handed the driver a notepad and a pen and advised him to write down his first name, last name and date of birth. When the driver handed the notepad back to me, I observed the name he provided which was Josh Miller and the birthday which was 06/28/1996. I read the name and birthday back to the driver and asked if it was correct, the driver stated that it was. As I was making my way back to my patrol vehicle, the driver began to speed away from the traffic stop. The driver turned north on John Barrow Rd with no regard for the safety of the pedestrian or other vehicles that were currently on the roadway and sidewalk. Shortly after fleeing, the driver lost control of their vehicle and began to spin out of control. The vehicle then went off the roadway right and came to final stop facing south near the tree line. I advised the driver to get on the ground when they exited their vehicle. The driver then took off running on foot into the wooded area next to the vehicle. I pursued the driver on foot and advised the driver to get on the ground multiple times. The driver finally went to the ground and was placed into custody. While the driver was in custody, his identification card was located. The driver was then positively identified as Lonnie Mitchell Jr DOB 05/22/1996.”

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