VIDEO: The Sketchiest No Prep Racing Ever…Lucky To Be Alive! 😳

SOURCE: 1320video

Im not sure I’ve ever seen a surface more fit for super sketchy No Prep racing! Crashes from start to finish and a big BOOM for the finale. RIP to the “Dirty 30” 😳
“Wrecks are the LAST thing we want to see when we film a racing event. Besides the obvious fear that a racer could be injured (or worse) – it’s devastating to witness someone destroy their pride and joy. Seeing hundreds, if not thousands of hours of work crumple within seconds. This no prep race at Edgewater SportsPark outside of Cincinnati, Ohio was an interesting one. With racers starting at half track, on freshly laid concrete – we knew we were in for some SKETCHY passes. Thankfully, our friend Nick made it out of the fiery wreckage with nothing worse than burnt hands and some scratches. His car burst into flames immediately, causing him to front-flip out of the wreckage with no time to spare. “

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