VIDEO: The World’s Fastest Snowmobile | BUSA POWER!

SOURCE: Grind Hard Plumbing Co

Yep, snow tracks on a Busa! Grind Hard Plumbing Co Youtube channel took a Suzuki Hayabusa, fitted it with snow tracks and sent it! I would imagine this thing is a legit workout to ride with all that weight o such a narrow stance but ill take it! Watch as they build this Busy snow-beast and put it to the test in some deep powder on the hill!

“We built the world’s fastest snow bike in one week out of a slightly modified 2005 Hayabusa street bike and Timbersled Riot 3! Both required some heavy modification. The street bike snow bike absolutely rips! Next step is to take this crouch rocket snow bike into the mountains then we will attempt to set the snow bike land speed record!”

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