VIDEO: Trooper Crashes Head-On Into Suspect Fleeing On Wrong Side Of The Highway | ๐Ÿ˜ณ

Arkansas State Patrol strikes again! Watch as Trooper Austin Flemister puts his life on the line to stop a fleeing suspect. At about the 5:30 minute mark in the video you can see the Trooper use his cruiser to crash head-on into a suspect that entered the wrong side of the freeway in efforts to evade police. The suspect was traveling at a high rate of speed so the blow was significant sending the suspect car flying across the road. After impact the driver somehow managed to exit the vehicle and flee on foot leaving his pregnant passenger behind. fortunately the Trooper nor the pregnant female passenger were seriously injured in the accident. Buddy is going to regret this one…Make sure to head over to their ๐Ÿ‘‡ YouTube Page and subscribe to stay up to date on their latest videos. Be sure to share your thoughts and comments below!


“After the TVI the driver later identified as Brent Ellis (W/M DOB: 10/8/1987) fled North onto a Golf course and he lost sight. The passenger Karen Sanders (W/F DOB:12/7/2002) was placed into handcuffs and placed in the back of my vehicle. She stated that she was pregnant, and she didn’t know the driver and she was picked up at the Broadway Walmart by the driver. The Passenger was released to Mems and transported to Baptist. Due to us not knowing where the driver was State police, Little rock Police Department, and North Little Rock Police department set up a perimeter. Officer Connolly (38717) with LRPD and his K9 Chico were able to locate the driver who was laying down in a wooded area. Ellis was placed into handcuffs and placed into T C . Williams Patrol vehicle and later placed into my unit to be transported to Baptist Health Medical Center in Little Rock. On the way to Baptist I gave Ellis his Miranda Warning. Once at Baptist I ran Ellis through ACIC he said that he smoked Fentanyl,Heroin,and Meth right be for the incident.i also noticed that the driver had glossy eyes. Ellis also stated to me that he wishes he would have hit someone while going the wrong way on the Interstate. I-called Judge Gruber and received a signed search warrant for 2 vials of blood to be drawn. Iinformed Nurse Tiffany Whittington of the warrant, and she drew 2 vials of blood from Ellis at 3:35 AM on 9/16/2023. Ellis was later released from Baptist and transported to Pulaski County detention Center.”

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