VIDEO: “Truck Norris” Blown S10 On Kill-Mode At 10-5 till I Die! #NOPREP

SOURCE: National No Prep Racing Association

You know the saying! “Dont F*ck With Chuck”…This blown S10 has something to say to all challengers at the 10-5 Till I Die no prep event!

“Truck Norris is a blown s10 that entered the ten five till I die small tire event in Sallisaw , Oklahoma. He took on some fast small tire cars that included James Bassham nitrous assisted foxbody mustang. Truck Norris also took on Honest work which is a x powered engine with a turbo. X power is the shop that Justin McDaniel opened up. Justin McDaniel is no stranger to making fast cars go faster with working on the crow and plan b. There is one matchup that was grat in the video which pitted honest work against bad intentions. Bad intentions is driven by Jason flores who drives a nitrous assisted fox body that is one of the cleanest foxbody we ever seen.”

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