VIDEO: Turbo Bagger Had A Little Too Much Juice! 😳

SOURCE: CycleDrag

Watch this turbo Harley Davidson bagger turn a full flip after leaving the line with a tad too much power. Luckily the rider was found to have no broken bones after being flown to a local hospital. The bike looks to be mostly repairable but the important thing is that no one was seriously hurt.

“Turbo Harley Bagger motorcycle drag racing John “Huckleberry” Cabral suffer drag bike racing gone wrong as he crashed off the back of his motorcycle after a huge wheelie at the All Harley Drag Racing Association season opener from North Florida Motorplex in Fountain, FL. The good news for Cabral is after he was flown to the hospital it was determined that fearless turbo charged Harley Davidson Bagger drag racer did not break any bones. Please join us in wishing John Cabral a very speedy recovery after his motorcycle drag racing crash.”

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