VIDEO: Twin Turbo Big Block ’56 Chevy Shoots For 200mph! | 1/2 Mile

SOURCE: 1320video

Well you definitely don’t see those at half mile events very often! This twin turbo 632 big block ’56 Chevy came out to see just how fast it can go at the Indy Airstrip Attack! How fast do you think he will go?
“Finding a FULL BLOWN drag car is something we would not expect to find at a half mile event. The typical Indy Airstrip Attack consists of sleek and aerodynamic cars that were purposefully built and intended to achieve high speeds. Seeing as this 56’ Chevy strays from the norm, we couldn’t help be skeptical of his 190mph+ goals from a car with a flat fascia and no hood! We were quickly impressed by this car before it even made a pass. After discovering the owner is a Drag Weeker (who built the car to compete in next years event) we realized we were going to see this car a lot, and it was going to be impressive each time! “

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