VIDEO: Wizard Of NOS vs. El Batman | Crazy No Prep Crash!

SOURCE: National No Prep Racing Association

Take a peek at this wild wreck form Alamo No Prep in San Antonio Texas. Louis Hidalgo and The Wizard Of NOS were racing El Batman when they got a little loose on the top end and smooched the wall. Driver waked away fine but that impact was no joke!

“Louis Hidalgo is the driver of the wizard of nos and entered the big tire class. In this class he was paired up number three in the run order and drew el batman. It was primed to be a good matchup. This matchup was in the first round of the big tire class at the battle of the Alamo no prep event in san Antonio , texas. Before this wild matchup happened we managed to get hammerhead race wizard of nos as a grudge race.”

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