VIDEO: $2 Million For A Car With No Windshield? 2021 Mclaren Elva! 😎

SOURCE: TheSmokingTire

This is no doubt the craziest car Ive seen in a while! The 2021 Mclaren Elva is a $2 million 800hp open cockpit suicide rocket! This thing even has a a feature that creates an artificial air bubble around the driver/passenger to allow breathing at high speeds. Watch as The Smoking Tire takes this thing through the paces on gorgeous windy mountain roads!

“The McLaren Elva is a wild ride. McLaren is not the first to remove a windshield from a modern car, but they are the first to combine this with a mid-engined design (in the modern world). The Elva is the lightest modern McLaren ever made (excluding the F1) and has the full 720S powertrain and chassis setup. It has a bespoke carbon fiber tub and body, and the new AAMS system is designed to bounce air around the cockpit up to about 100 mph. The Elva is, simply put, one of the most unique driving experiences available anywhere in the world, at any price. McLaren arranged for me to have several hours with the Elva. They provided fuel and insurance. ”

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