VIDEO: 2JZ Swapped Nissan 370Z Goes 5’s…248mph!

SOURCE: 1320video

You can put a well built 2JZ setup in pretty much in anything and fly, see here…But this 2JZ swapped 370Z is on another level! Watch as this little beast breaks the 5 second warrior at close to 250mph!

“Jorge Juarbe and his team have built the craziest 370z we’ve ever seen! It may not have much 370z left.. but for the sake of this article – we’re calling it the craziest. It’s no surprise Blue Thunder is seeing 248mph in the 1320, considering the gigantic 106mm Precision Turbo attached to the infamous 2JZ motor thats fitted nicely under the front clip. This car has loads of potential, as it’s only been running less than a year. Jorge and the team are sitting at #8 on the Top 10 Quickest Sport Compacts, and are only a few 10ths of a second away from that #1 spot.”

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