VIDEO: Airplane Motor Swapped Go-Kart Goes To The Drag Strip!

SOURCE: National No Prep Racing Association

Well you certainly dont see that everyday! This guy bought a 1982 airplane motor swapped go kart on steroids! Lets see how this little monster gets down the track! FF to the 7:00 mark for the track pass!

“In this video we have a chat with the a guy who bought a go kart. But, this go kart is not any ordinary go cart , it was outfitted with an airplane motor. The driver of this contraption would be Henry Thomae who is better known as the undertaker. But, in this day of the edinburg motorsports park’s top end challenge , Henry would drive this go kart. The owner of the go kart said he bought it that way and it has been over a hundred and thirty miles per hour on the dyno. We managed to capture its first run on the race track and it was a sight to see. We also got the drama nitrous assisted vega making its first pass at the track as well. For the drama vega it did not go well as he put the car in the wall. It was little damage and he managed to race the car again the same day. It was a day of first time at the track and see the video to see it all unfolded. ”

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