VIDEO: Challenger SRT Demon vs. Jaguar SVR | Humble Pie!

SOURCE: Road Test TV

My Mopar guys are not going to like this one! Jaguar SVR Takes down an SRT Demon at Cecil County Dragway. Hey man what do you expect when you’re hibernating at the line?

“We were given the keys to a brand new Jaguar SVR to test at the YouTube call out at Cecil County Dragway on April 29, 2018. The 575 SVR exceeded our expectations, but also cost us about $90,000. How? Well, we raced numerous cars during the course of the day – Mustang GT350’s, Camaro SS’s, Porsche GT3 and a Dodge Demon. As expected, we drove away from the GT350, Camaro SS and and inched away from the GT3; however, we did’t expect to beat a Demon.”