VIDEO: Chevy Trailblazer Embarrasses Arkansas State Police | πŸ‘€πŸ«‘πŸ˜Ž

Dude was driving that muddafvcka! Watch this stolen Chevy Trailblazer give Arkansas State Police a run for their money. When I first saw the video I was expecting this to be a high performance Trailblazer SS, but no, this dude went straight “Bo Duke” in a legit grocery getter. The chase went on for miles and it seemed like the only time police had an advantage was on straight away as the suspect drove circles around them on the windy roads. Eventually the State Trooper was ordered to call off the chase, I know that one had to burn lol.


On 10/06/2023 at approximately 1118 hours Mountain Home Police Department advised they were in pursuit of a stolen vehicle and were requesting assistance. The vehicle was described as a black or dark grey Chevy Trailblazer. The vehicle was traveling westbound on US 62 at speeds over 100 mph. MHPD terminated pursuit at the city limits of Mountain Home and the Baxter County Sheriff’s Office observed the vehicle continuing west on US 62 toward Gassville. The deputy stated the vehicle had turned onto State Highway 126 and was traveling northbound. I Trooper Philip Gonten was on State Highway 126 traveling southbound towards Gassville when I observed the fleeing vehicle pass me traveling northbound at a speed of 80mph. I then turned around on the vehicle and initiated a pursuit with my emergency lights and siren activated the vehicle continued to flee northbound on State Highway 126. I was able to catch up to the vehicle, which was traveling at speeds reaching 100 mph, recklessly passing vehicles and at times in the oncoming lane running oncoming vehicles off the roadway. I was able to give dispatch a tag number for the vehicle which was MO XG1Z0Y. Dispatch then confirmed this was a stolen vehicle from West Plains Missouri. As the fleeing vehicle approached the intersection of State Highway 126 and State Highway 5 it drove across the ditch and into the oncoming lane of traffic. The vehicle now continued northbound on SH5 at speeds again more than 100mph. As the vehicle continued northbound on State Highway 5 fleeing recklessly approaching County Road 13, the vehicle drove into the oncoming lane running a vehicle off the roadway and into the grassy ditch. The vehicle continued northbound on State Highway 5 driving in the oncoming lane and running vehicles off the roadway. The vehicle continued northbound recklessly driving on the wrong side of the road crossed into Missouri continuing northbound on State Highway 5 more than 100 mph. At this time dispatch had notified Missouri Highway Patrol and the Ozark County Sheriff’s Office. As we approached the intersection of State Highway 5 and Missouri State Highway 160, an Ozark County Sheriff’s Office deputy was traveling south on State Highway 5 and observed the fleeing vehicle and was attempting to turn around in the roadway to pursue it. I continued pursuing north on State Highway 5 as we approached the intersection with State Highway 160 the vehicle turned west on State Highway 160 and continued to flee. At this time as we continued on State Highway 160, I was advised to terminate the pursuit and allow Ozark County Sheriff’s Office to take over.”

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