VIDEO: Chrysler 300 SRT8 Leads Police On Wild High Speed Chase! ๐Ÿ‘€

SOURCE: State Boyzzz

Watch this Chrysler 300 SRT8 lead Georgia State Patrol on a wild high speed chase through the streets of Atlanta. Looks like that stock 6.1L Hemi isn’t enough anymore as GSP was able to keep the 300 in eyes view until the driver started making mistakes. After blowing out two tires the driver then attempted to enter the freeway…BAD IDEA!ย Make sure to head over to their โ˜๏ธ YouTube Page and subscribe to stay up to date on their latest videos. Be sure to share your thoughts and comments below!

“On 07/31/21 at approximately 2027 hours, I was patrolling south on Jonesboro Road. I observed a black Chrysler 300 performing doughnuts in the middle of the intersection at Jonesboro Road and Lakewood Avenue. I activated blue lights and attempted to conduct a traffic stop, but the driver accelerated and initiated a pursuit. The driver began to travel at extremely high rates of speed south on Jonesboro Road while placing the motoring public at great risk for injury. I notified the GSP Radio Room of the pursuit. TFC Kraeling, who was also on scene, began to handle radio traffic for the pursuit. The driver continued on multiple city streets driving in a reckless manner. At the intersection of Cleveland Avenue and Metropolitan Parkway, the driver drove over a curb and through a private parking lot which placed pedestrians at risk for injury. When the vehicle hit the curb, the right rear tire of the vehicle blew out, but the driver continued to flee. With one wheel gone, the driver continued to travel at high rates of speed and almost struck several vehicles. The pursuit eventually entered GA 166 East. I attempted a P.I.T., but I could not rotate the vehicle. I knew we were approaching a blind intersection ahead. To prevent risk to anyone at the intersection, I performed a more forceful P.I.T. which successfully rotated the vehicle counter clockwise and off the roadway to the left. The vehicle struck a parked tractor and trailer and came to rest. The driver and a passenger fled from the vehicle. I gave brief pursuit of the driver and attempted to use my Taser to stop his flight. I missed both shots with my Taser and the driver continued to flee into a wood line. Cpl. Ennis and Atlanta Police Officer Gordon pursued him and eventually caught him on foot. The driver was transported to Atlanta Medical Center and later to the Fulton County Jail where he was released to booking staff. APD Officer Roach, who was riding with TFC Kraeling, handled the charges. Route of Pursuit: South on Jonesboro Road, west on Cleveland Ave, north on Metropolitan, north on Perkerson, east on GA 166.”

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