VIDEO: Driver Brake Checks Police…Goes Full GTA For The Getaway! 🫡

SOURCE: Arkansas Police Activity

North Little Rock Police had their hands full with this Dodge Ram. Watch as the driver brake checks police while running and put that truck to work rolling over medians GTA style. Surprisingly the police cruiser was able to stay with him and maintain clear visuals. Eventually the officer was ordered to stop the chase due to rainy conditions and lets just say he was not too happy about that! “Fvckin aint even raining that bad” – Where is ASP when you need them? Luckiest man alive!

“During my patrol, I observed a white Dodge Ram single cab with 2 occupants. I observed the driver to be a light skinned black male with no seatbelt. I got behind the truck on E 20th Street, and ran the tag (AGU54G) in anticipation of conducting a traffic stop for the seatbelt violation. The return on the tag was to a maroon 2009 Dodge Journey. As the vehicle turned south onto Main Street, I observed it to pick up speed creating distance between he and I. The vehicle turned east onto E 15th Street (Curtis Sykes), and I attempted to stop the vehicle here, due to the Fun Wash having an open parking lot. The vehicle slowed down as if it was going to stop then took off at a high rate of speed east on E 15th Street. As we were coming up to E 15th and Cypress, the vehicle went around another vehicle and ran the stop sign there. The vehicle then got onto I 30 W and headed into Little Rock. During this time the vehicle was changing lanes across three lanes of traffic. Traffic was light and yielded to my lights and sirens. While heading west the vehicle abruptly braked, forcing me to brake as well to avoid a collision. The vehicle then sped back up and went off the road onto the median prior to exit 139B (I-630). As the vehicle entered the median, it narrowly passed between a sign and cement retaining wall. The vehicle ultimately stuck the retaining wall with the passenger side, but was able to continue. The vehicle then entered onto McGowan, through an orange barreled construction area, and onto an on-ramp to I 30 W. I followed safely, and continued pursuit of the vehicle. The pursuit followed I 30 W until the 530 on ramp, and continued onto 530 South. I pursued the vehicle south and it again abruptly braked attempting to cause a collision. The pursuit continued south on 530 passing Dixon Rd, where Sgt. Peach became secondary and began calling the pursuit. We followed 530 South until exit 7, where we took exit 7, and went west onto Pratt Rd. It started to mist rain, and SGT Peach advised to terminate the pursuit due to the suspect speed and the rain. I terminated the pursuit and followed the road to find a safe spot to pull off During this pursuit the max speed was approximately 100 MPH then quickly went back under. I pulled off into a gravel parking lot. Approximately 2 minutes later a white Chevy truck with a concerned citizen stated that there was a white Dodge Ram a little ways west on Pratt Rd with both doors open and no one in it. I drove down to the truck and observed the same vehicle that had fled from me with the front push bar broken off of it and coolant leaking all over the pavement. Both of the doors were wide open, and no one was in it. SGT Peach and I cleared the vehicle as Officer Baker was arriving on scene. In plain view on the front passenger’s seat I observed a small black digital scale with Marijuana residue on it. I searched the vehicle and located under the passenger’s front seat another black working digital scale with Marijuana residue on it. Once completed with my search another person flagged me down stated that the two suspects were light skinned and one had on a neon colored shirt. He then followed that up, and advised they ran into the woods and pointed north into the woods, which also had a marsh land close to the road. ASP arrived, along with Officer Stewart. Officer Stewart, Officer Baker, ASP and myself went into the woods looking for both suspects. Around this time Officers were checking the registered owner’s address to see if they knew where their vehicle was. They were met with negative contact. While in the woods, we conducted an extensive search, jumping a small creek in the area, however, our search was met with negative results. Lewis towing was called and came and impounded the vehicle to their tow yard. I took custody of the digital scales and secured them in the NLRPD Property room”

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