VIDEO: Driver Takes Cops On A Wild Ride Through the Backroads | Gets Tazed…Swims Away! 👀


Im not sure what made buddy run like that but he dang sure gave Arkansas State Police a workout that day! That old Dodge pickup definitely still had some pep in its step…I hope it was worth it Mr. Gober!

On June 6, 2023, at approximately 3:32 P.M., I was sitting stationary on United States Highway 63 near Bradley County Road 18 when I noticed a white Dodge Ram pickup truck traveling north with a cracked windshield. I activated my emergency lights and sirens to initiate a traffic stop. I approached the vehicle on the passenger side and introduced myself to the driver, Mr. Dustin Gober. I informed Mr. Gober why he was being stopped and then asked for his license, registration, and proof of insurance. Mr. Gober stated the vehicle was his boss and that he did not have his wallet on him. I asked Mr. Gober if he actually had a driver’s license and he stated yes. After asking for Mr. Gober if he had a driver’s license I asked for his name and date of birth and if he had any active warrants. Mr. Gober stated he did not. I told Mr. Gober to sit tight and I would run his name to see if he had a valid license. As I returned to my patrol car, Mr. Gober drove off. I notified dispatch that I was in pursuit. Mr. Gober continued north on United States Highway 63 at speeds greater than the posted speed limit. I attempted to perform a tactical vehicle intervention (TVI) while traveling north on United States Highway 63, but Mr. Gober would slam on his brakes each time I tried. As we approached Gavin Lane, Mr. Gober made an improper pass on the left and I attempted to perform a TVI, but he continued to drive recklessly and into oncoming traffic. Mr. Gober continued traveling north on United States Highway 63 and then made a left turn onto Stewart Lane. Mr. Gober continued driving recklessly down Stewart Lane and onto Crook Lane. Mr. Gober failed to obey the stop sign and traveled across State Highway 35 onto Lonesome Dove Road. Mr. Gober traveled to the end of Lonesome Dove Road and turned back around and traveled back north towards State Highway 35. Mr. Gober failed to obey the stop sign at Lonesome Dove Road and State Highway 35. Mr. Gober continued traveling up Crook Lane until reaching State Highway 35 and Goggans Road. Mr. Gober crossed State Highway 35 and onto Goggans Road a short distance before circling around the driveway of Prosperity Cemetery. After circling the cemetery, Mr. Gober made a left turn and continued traveling back towards State Highway 35. Mr. Gober ran the stop sign and continued traveling onto Crook Lane. Mr. Gober continued traveling in a northern direction until reaching the intersection of Stewart Lane and Crook Lane. Mr. Gober veered to the left and continued traveling up Crook Lane. While traveling up Crook Lane, Mr. Gober was swerving from one side of the road to the other trying to stir up dust so I could not see. However, Mr. Gober was unsuccessful. Mr. Gober then slammed on his brakes in the middle of Crook Lane and fled on foot from the vehicle. Mr. Gober sudden stop caused me to slam on my brakes to keep from colliding with him. I notified dispatch that I was in foot pursuit and began pursing Mr. Gober on foot. As I closed the distance between myself and Mr. Gober, I gave verbal commands to stop running or he was going to be tased. Mr. Gober failed to comply with my orders, so I deployed my conducted energy weapon (taser) twice to stop him but was unsuccessful. Mr. Gober then jumped in a small pond in the woods and began swimming away from me. I notified dispatch of my taser deployment and that Mr. Gober had jumped in a pond. While Mr. Gober was in the pond, I attempted to find a way around the pond but was unsuccessful. I jumped in the pond’s edge and walked along the edge before coming to a spot where I could get out. Once out, I lost sight of Mr. Gober. I notified dispatch to contact the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office and have them send their K9. Bradley County K9 handler Daniel Robinson arrived on scene and we began tracking Mr. Gober. After a brief track, I terminated the search.”

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