VIDEO: Electric Bike Goes Up In Flames During First Ride 😳 | Full Video!

SOURCE: Jamie Bouchard

I know my petrol heads could care less…but yes, the admin of TorqueTube rides an Ebike daily which is why this video caught my attention. Jamie Bouchard posted this wild video to his Youtube channel showing his brand new $6,000 electric bike burst into flames during his first ever ride. Im not sure of the brand or what exactly went wrong to cause the flames but it was definitely a battery or power management issue. I also noticed that he had something freaky going on with his brakes when he first began the ride which possibly could have contributed to the failure. As Ebikes become more and more popular there has been no shortage of new companies bringing their products to market. The problem with that is a lack of quality as all these companies are jockeying for position at the top of the Ebike Totem Pole. If you are in the market to buy one of these e-moto type bikes I would recommend going with a company with a proven track record such as Surron (Segway), Cake, Super73, Drill and others. I ride a Surron X myself and love it!

“This didn’t at all go how I expected. $6k up in smoke.”

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