VIDEO: Finnegan Goes Wide Open With Cleetus In 11.7L Twin Turbo Hemi Jet Boat!

SOURCE: Finnegan’s Garage

Looks like Finnegan finally has his 11.7L twin turbo Hemi jet boat dialed in! Watch as he takes Cleetus Mcfarland for a couple wild wide open pulls on the lake! Also Cleetus brought his hovercraft out for a couple spins on the lake!

“Talk about comin’ up! All I had to do was let Cletus McFarland drive Game Over, my 1,700hp twin-turbo Hemi-powered Placecraft jet boat and in return, I got to spin donuts in his 60hp hovercraft. Score! After letting Ol Cleeter shoe my 19-foot long jet boat for a bit, I then took him for the ride of his life! I have no clue how fast we went but it’s the best the boat has ever run so I’m guessing we beat my personal best of 115 mph in 4 seconds. Check the thumbnail-the face don’t lie. lol As for the hovercraft? The Scat was unbelievably fun even though its not the fastest thing on the water. Why these little pocket water rockets aren’t more popular is beyond me. I had the time of my life driving it. ”

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