VIDEO: Insane 1200hp 3000GT VR4 | Hand Built Insanity

SOURCE: That Racing Channel

Insane 1200hp 3000GT VR4 | Hand Built Insanity

“During the TRC Street Kings event at Palm Beach International Raceway we met up with Brian and his Precision turbo powered 1200HP(1050+WHP/865TQ DYNO) Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4. This just might be one of the cleanest and fastest street driven 3000GT’s on the planet, it’s definitely the baddest 3000GT we’ve come across in person. Brian built this entire car from the ground up, leaving most of the look “stock”. But everything from the engine build, wiring, parts installation, tuning and custom fabrication was all done by him. Major Props to Brian for building such an awesome car, hope you enjoy the video! shoot us a message if you would like your car featured on TRC!”